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800×600 login_wallpaper.png

(vector artwork, released under GPLv2)


/EDIT 2008.10.24/

I noticed that people are looking for some halloween releated content. I already answered for one request.

Art is licenced under terms of General Public Licence (GPL) ver. 2. It means you are allowed to modify, distribute and reuse this art as long you refer to original author. In this particular case, you should place caption like this:

Licence: GPL ver. 2
Authors: Aoi (, Irukard (
Project: The Mana Wolrd (

Consider that, you don’t have to colour this lineart by yourself. You might reuse coloured version. I can provide you vector source of this file.

You may find related files here:

You can open SVG format in Inkscape (Free Open Source Vector Editor – or Corel 11 or newer.

Enjoy! Feel free to download, reuse, change and redistribute this art. As far you place proper caption it isn’t copyright violation. Have a nice Halloween!

PL: Otrzęsiny Uniwersyteckie ~2

Posted: October 27, 2006 in Commerce, UWM

UWM – Unique White Mustang :D


PL: Otrzęsiny Uniwersyteckie

Posted: October 27, 2006 in Commerce, UWM

Zachciało się plakatu. Masz ci los. Zajawka wyglądałaby tak:



Changelog :D

– highlighted areas

– few blinks + gradient (on eyes)

– modified jaw shadow


Finished version and vector sources available here:

almost done I think :D

things to do: improve eyes, add some blinks, maybe some gradients.

Big thnx to Jonny ( for shadows hints ;)


Finished version and vector sources available here:

I’m done with base colors. Now the hardest part ~shadows.