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Just a quick and rough design. I managed to use only black and white colour, with nice grunge climate, but unfortunately bands manager had a different opinion. “It happens” ~all the time ~

Rust and metal textures comes from: Stock Exchange (

Enej Promotional Concert

Block Walls Tileset 0.0.4

Posted: October 24, 2008 in GPL, Pixelart, The Mana World

In march I decided to abandon Concrete Walls tileset. It had some limitations because of the size of bricks. I’m not developing this tileset any more. It reached version 0.1.13. I started new tile project instead. Block walls can be used as city walls, prison, castle, and many more. Quality and tiling capabilities are better than in the previous tileset. Initially, this tileset will be used as base of city walls in port town. It’s also signed as OpenTile.Org. Actually, I was thinking about that kind of open project for GPLish games. If anyone is willing to help with that kind of project, please contact me via mail. Otherwise tilesets will be only hosted here.

Just take a look. Any feedback will be appreciated.


Gates are on schedule :)

If you are interested in old concrete tileset, you may find it here: