Block Walls Tileset 0.0.4

Posted: October 24, 2008 in GPL, Pixelart, The Mana World

In march I decided to abandon Concrete Walls tileset. It had some limitations because of the size of bricks. I’m not developing this tileset any more. It reached version 0.1.13. I started new tile project instead. Block walls can be used as city walls, prison, castle, and many more. Quality and tiling capabilities are better than in the previous tileset. Initially, this tileset will be used as base of city walls in port town. It’s also signed as OpenTile.Org. Actually, I was thinking about that kind of open project for GPLish games. If anyone is willing to help with that kind of project, please contact me via mail. Otherwise tilesets will be only hosted here.

Just take a look. Any feedback will be appreciated.


Gates are on schedule :)

If you are interested in old concrete tileset, you may find it here:


  1. Shaili (a.k.a. tds) says:

    Definetly a better concept. Concrete bricks looked too small, the tileset you have just started seems to solve this ‘problem’. Anyway, I loved some tiles of the previous tileset (especially the Gargoyle ones) and some ideas should be ‘recycled’ for the current developing.

    Keep up the good job, hope this post will be useful ;)

  2. seeseekey says:

    Great Tileset. We use your old tileset in our project (you can find it under thank you :)

  3. mruk says:

    Thnx. Anyway, you should make tutorial “how to not map” ;) Maps on screenshots have many errors. – but idea is very nice.

  4. Marcus says:

    Looks extremly good, I used an early version of your concrete walls tileset as a “test” for my current project. Thanks for licensing them under a liberal license.

    If you are interested, those screens show your tileset inside my editor:

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