The Mana World tutorial: Sharp rock

Posted: December 25, 2009 in GPL, Mana Pixelart, Mana Source, Pixelart, The Mana World, tutorial

1. Design

Let's start with the blank canva. White background is usually nice, but we will draw on new transparent layer

Use paint tool and gray color to sketch the main shape of object

2. Outline

Draw outline using pencil on new transparent layer

And here is a bigger version (click to enlarge)

3. Basic colors

Compose the basic palette. I used 4 shades of gray. Next fill appropriate fields using magic wand tool and dragging color into it. (click to enlarge)

That how it looks like with filled polygons. (click to enlarge)

And smaller version with visible grid.

After some small clean ups.

4. Shades, shadows and texture

Use white brush on opacity 5-10% to add some pillow shading.

Now use pencil tool with opacity 7-15% to add some shadows and texture.

To achieve better pixelart look I decreased color space to 8 colors (Image->Mode->Indexed). Try to experiment with different values.

[ to be continued…]

5. Outline shading

6. Additional colors

7. Multiple variants – snow, grassland, desert

8. Why this rock sucks instead rocks

  1. silveira says:

    Cool tutorial, but I liked more before the 4th step, without details, just plain pixel art. =]
    Great work!

  2. Bertram says:

    Hi i, (Capt’n)

    Very instructive tutorial! :)

    Eager to see how you’ll finish that one.

    Best regards.

  3. Mad_Mac says:

    Agree with Bertram :)

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