Block Walls Tileset 0.0.6

Posted: September 26, 2010 in GPL, Mana Pixelart, Mana Source, Pixelart, The Mana World
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Here is some news :) Any C&C?

  1. Bertram says:

    Hi Irukard,

    I hope you and all your little family are doing fine ;)

    I like the palette, I like the technic, the fact that you made the roof with the exact shade of light yellow making it shiny without making it ostentious. The copper-made roof borders are the best part as I think they are magnificently worked out.

    Everything is detail-rich, that’s why I’ll let critizisms to better skilled ones than me ;)

    And finally, I like the fact that you’re the damn best pixel artist – chainsaw seller I’ve ever seen ;)

    Now technically speaking, the tileset is following the style needed for the CR1 academy, AFAIK, the tiles are frozen and the author panel is in place. I really can’t see why it shouldn’t be included as the first official tileset for the new content collection.

    Big thanks and best regards.

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